summer music.

June 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Illegally downloading music is bad.
Not supporting artists is bad too.
If you dig any of this I suggest buying the records on vinyl or ~compact disc~, checking out tours, sending panty packages, and so on.

Fool’s Gold by Fool’s Gold // hxxp://
Fool’s Gold is an Afro-pop band which formed in Los Angeles in 2006. The band rotates around Luke Top (real name Nativ Top) and Lewis Pesacov and also enlists friends and colleagues that include members of bands Foreign Born and Glasser, former members of We Are Scientists, The Fall and a variety of visual artists. Their major influence is South African, Ethiopian and Eritrean music, while lead singer Luke Top, who was born and raised in Israel, sings in Hebrew. The band is signed to IAMSOUND Records, and has played with Cat Power, Fujiya & Miyagi, Built to Spill and toured with Metronomy, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and Local Natives.

Subiza by Delorean // hxxp://
Zarautz, Spain, located in the Basque Country, has always been a place of soft, quiet and melancolic pop music, but there’s also place for the danceable and dark pop made by punks that Delorean offer here in their second album and first one in bcore disc. Delorean started making open minded pop that sounded on equal parts to the softness of Seam with New Order’s use of synths. Like a mix of the darkness from The Cure with Elliott Smith’s paleness. All this had as a result the band’s first cd “Silohuettes” (2000) in Underhill Records. The record had to be repressed and the band started touring Spain. After their shows with John Palmoore and their show together with Aina on Aina’s last show in Barcelona made the band grow and earn respect and credibility from everyone.

Small Black EP by Small Black // hxxp://
Small Black is an emerging band from Brooklyn, New York. Their self-titled full length album will be out this fall. They describe their music on their myspace as “Acousmatic / Tape music / Concrete / Pop.”

Setting EP by Tanlines // hxxp://
Tanlines is Jesse Cohen (Professor Murder) and Eric Emm (formerly of Don Caballero and Storm and Stress). It’s calypso disco electro music for various kinds of sex, doncha know?
*This is a weak description. Just know the album is too short to not listen to once, and it’s worth it.

Relayted by Gayngs // hxxp://
Gayngs is record producer Ryan Olson’s new music collective/supergroup that is made up of members from bands like Bon Iver, Solid Gold, Megafaun, the Rosebuds, Leisure Birds and Lookbook; as well as Doomtree rappers P.O.S. and Dessa, jazz saxophonist Michael Lewis, Channy Moon-Casselle and Katy Morley among others.
*This is another weak description, one that I fear my friend Joe will shame me for. Just download it.

Wild Smile by Suckers // hxxp://
The experimental side of indie pop has gotten a nice little creative boost lately, thanks, in part, to the artistic contributions of bands such as Baltimore’s Animal Collective and Portland’s Menomena. Tack another “Made in New York” outfit on this short list of artists challenging the sonic limits of modern day indie pop. Comprised of Quinn Walker, Austin Fisher, Brian Aiken, and mystery man Pan, Suckers offer indefinable and stunningly unpredictable fare that ranges anywhere on the sonic scope between sedate guitar songs and crunchy, erratic drones. It is a new musical landscape that Suckers have set out to find; one that lies beyond the fringes of more traditional pop, psychedelia, noise, and folk music. Packing their knapsacks with a wild assortment of ambient guitar work, ritualistic percussion, wolf pack vocals, and a variety of other knick knacks (organs, keys, horns, etc), Suckers set up camp in a manic, yet wildly imaginative place where pop music is contrived of equal parts melody and dissonance; a place where musical limits do not account for much.

these links aren’t mine so if they fail to work, just let me know.
you’ll need to change the hxxp to http to download.
all descriptions are from

*on july 3rd our internet was shut down because of a letter that was sent to the company on behalf of CBS, because of someone offering downloads of a television show. that person was not me, but for now please just be in touch if you’d like to talk about some musica!



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