why i critiqued rob greer’s photography.

January 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

To be fair,
i decided i should explain exactly why i criticized rob greer’s work. especially in light of his recent demand that i take down his work from my site (see the mastectomy/breast post HERE for reference and a copy of his comment).

i immediately removed the images that i thought were interesting, as they offered a deeply contrasted image of a beautiful breast cancer survivor and her mastectomy scars. i believe very much in supporting women finding various ways to reclaim their bodies and rewrite their experiences of suffering.

but if i had to guess: rob greer asked me to take down his work because i described the majority of it as “flat and shallow”. here’s why:

outside of the mastectomy series and ONE other model, all of his portraits depict highly heteronormative and narrow visions of the female form. the images are not celebratory, they’re sexist. a conclusion that’s easy to draw when you value and appreciate the differences between bodies, women.
i see no women of color.
i see no marks, misplaced hairs, bumps.
i see no imaginative curves or perspectives.
i see no physical asymmetry.
i see no soft nipples or signs of birth.
i see no significant variations between bodies.
i see no recognition of any form that is not already the exemplary impossible.
i see a masturbatory photographic project that does nothing to evolve how we love or understand women, and that’s a bad thing. a thing i have a right to criticize as an educated feminist concerned with representations of women and their bodies.

to move forward i intend to post some examples of productive nude photography.


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