February 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

today i picked mingus up from camp bow wow and he had clearly experienced the most exhilarating weekend of his doggie life. prior to becoming a camper at camp bow wow mingus has to pass an “interview” and demonstrate non-aggressive behavior. that consisted of me driving thirty minutes each way for a five minute confirmation/pass because mingus is the lover of a lifetime. camp bow wow is a play-focused boarding facility where the dogs are placed in groups by size and temperament, and then allowed to play in indoor/outdoor playrooms almost all day. the best part? i got to check in on mingy often via camp bow wow’s seven webcams. my local camp had good reviews and is used by other owners at our local holistic vet, but i’d read up on whichever one is local in your area prior to entrusting your dog to strangers. my experience was very positive.

but now that he’s home, he’s completely wiped. i just took the photos above.
i guess the floor is more comfortable than that memory foam dog bed. psh.


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