rosemary & amber.

March 1, 2011 § 8 Comments

You smell good.
I enjoy a whiff of a few perfumes,
but most of them are so artificially based, blah.
In search of a unique, natural, deep, fresh scent I followed some of my friends who advocate using essential oils. I’ve tried a few, but now I swear by a mixture I tried out and got a lot of compliments on one day, throughout the day…
meaning i’m getting some long lasting scent out of this, yeah!
My favorite combination and application process is as follows:

I use pure rosemary and amber oils.
When mixing, aim for 75% rosemary and 25% amber,
adding more amber for a sultrier effect.
I suggest lush’s dream cream for a base.
Using a lotion as an applicant will moisturize your body & give the scent longevity.

I scoop a small tablespoon or so of the dream cream,
work in a few splashes of rosemary and amber,
and apply apply apply!
I have to repeat this process three times to cover my whole body. Using the lotion-as-base trick with regular perfumes works equally well. The best part is that the oils come in such small pretty bottles, since I live in a small space it makes it a lot easier when I can store things out in the open without ruining the aesthetic of the space or disrupting its purpose.

(Still storing necklaces and bracelets on the book ladder.)

(Stains from using incense bottles too frequently on my dresser, who cares.)

(Notice the little wire bicycle! A thoughtful present from my little sister.)

Hid the dream cream behind the flowers my mom sent me,
normally I just hide it behind the water jar that lives on the dresser.


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§ 8 Responses to rosemary & amber.

  • karen - food into health says:

    that combination sounds so awesome. I need to try this.

    • it has changed my smell-life.

    • thanks! i’m drooling over your healthier carrot cake recipe! “Instead of using buttermilk, I curdled coconut milk, by adding apple-cider vinegar to it.” brilliant.

      • karen - food into health says:

        Thank you!
        I am ridiculously proud of that recipe. lol
        It turned out even better than expected – I was so scared that it would turn out leaden, dry, and heavy.
        Hope you get a chance to try it out soon!

        I still need to get some rosemary oil to try out this mix. Might go do that today.

  • Brandy says:

    Where do you find that particular brand of Amber Oil? Not all Ambers smell the same and that particular one is by far the best smell.

  • Anonymous says:

    how many hours did the scent last throughout the day? and how many drops of the rosemary oil and amber oil per tablespoon of the dream cream lotion? also, do the essential oils have to be organic? thanks!

    • The scent falls away from *my* nose pretty easily, but I’ve been told at the end of the day that I still smell good. I think using the lotion really helps sustain the scent.

      Honestly I just put as much of the scent as I think I need (maybe a full teaspoon of rosemary and amber for each tablespoon of lotion) and try to rub it in as much as possible over a large area of skin.

      The oils don’t *need* to be organic, but of course, if it’s soaking into your skin, it’s probably better if they are!

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