nell’s ring.

March 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday I received a box,
one I’d been expecting but didn’t know anything about,
other than that it’d been sent by my mother for my birthday.
Inside I found:

This history goes on for five pages, little of which I’d known before.

A beautiful black onyx art deco ring.
Nell lived in Miami during the 1930s,
the city with more art deco architecture than any other in the world.
In attempting to trace the origin of the ring my mother wrote,
“I think it is most likely that Jack, who abandoned her, gave Nell this ring.”

When I was 16 or so (and quite awful as a daughter…)
I gave my mother a ring in this box,
which she kept and then returned to me – ten years later.
So then obviously I cried a lot & wore the ring all day.
I have a small family, one that doesn’t get together often.
One with an amorphous history,
were it not for the research efforts of my mother & father.
I was not able to know either of my grandmothers.
I barely knew my grandfathers, though I wish I had.
This gift means a great deal to me.
Thank you mamabear.
I love you and I know that you know how appreciative I am.


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