small space living: whip it out.

March 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

I live in 600 square feet.
I’ve received a couple of e-mails asking about my place, so over the course of several posts I’m going to attempt to share the little daily strategies and tricks that have helped me the most in a small space.

Living in a small space is not for everyone, it takes patience, organization, and strategy. Prior to buying my place I spent hours scouring websites like so that I could imagine myself nesting comfortably and avoid panic over moving. But making a place your own isn’t just about what it looks like, not for me. I need my living space to reflect my values too; I don’t like to buy new things and I really don’t like Stuff. I try to recycle and repurpose objects as often as possible. I’m a broke ass student, eco-friendly dishwashers and recycled material sofas aren’t in my budget. I have to live my own green life in my own green way, just like everyone.

Tip #1: Whip it out and keep it in the open.
Some objects are interesting enough to store in the open, or can be easily blended to match the aesthetic of an existing space. Basically, if it’s pretty enough to keep out – keep it out. For example, by storing my tinctures and spices in the open I was able to free up hidden storage space for other things I wanted to hide (dish sponges, foil, a mandolin slicer, collapsable steamer, and my ove gloves, to be exact). Every time I find a home for something in the open, it means I’ve freed hidden storage space for something else. Plus, if you cook a lot or take herbal remedies it’s helpful to keep things nearby and accessible. I invested in good glass spice jars that I reuse frequently, and they allow me to buy loose spices (smaller amounts, no wasted packaging, cheaper in the long run…).

All of these tinctures live in a repurposed cookie tin on the counter or wherever else, and the spices live wherever they end up after a romp in the kitchen. Something small that helps!


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