small space living: the bathroom.

March 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Tiny bathroom?
Me too.

Tip #3: Show the bathroom some love.
Even though we don’t live in our bathrooms, we do spend time in them. Unless you’re taking a relaxing bath or you’ve been holding it for the whole bus ride home, it’s not often fun to exist in the bathroom. Even so, because you’re in that room so often, because you can’t avoid the space or the purposes it serves, give in and show the love. Decorate the space as if it mattered, but keep it simple and practical. And along with tip #1, if it can be in the open, put it in the open (here I do this with toilet paper, toothbrush, moisturizer, etc).

Small space!

Why NOT put photos in the bathroom? Or books? Or mementos? I picked up this wall shelf from an antique store outside of Minneapolis. A small journal for toilet-inspiration notes, a baby vase I brought back from Costa Rica, an old POM wonderful glass filled with dried flower petals, q-tip glass, tea tree oil, and Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar (recommended!). A small metal locket featuring the muthafuggin POPE brought back from Italy by Jason, another tiny container brought back from India by my mother, and a wooden painted trick-box from Mexico via Jason. Love the things you choose to keep and put them in places where you actually admire them, even if it means by the pot.

I found this shelf thingie left by the trash bin and snagged it, cleaned it, and propped it on top of the toilet. Prior to finding the larger shelving I used the smaller white shelf you see tucked in below. Free, saved from the trash, and fits perfectly. The candle on the top shelf was handmade by my friend Seth, I took the cloud photo, and the jar contains some stones given to me by my friend Beaux. Surrounding myself with meaningful objects makes even the morning pee more fun.

I have kept spare change in that fossil tin for a little over nine years now, originally it had been given to me as a gift with a watch inside. I find it easier to not lose the spare change in my pocket if I can just dump the things in a nearby container, no better found than in the bathroom! My obsession with organization might be evident in that I have labeled the glasses that hold hair ties and bobby pins. Sigh.

I picked up this brass piece at an antique store in Austin, Uncommon Objects. The shells I collected in Florida during my grandfather’s funeral, and the photo is of my late stepfather’s brother. Small details that make MY space MINE, meaningful, and not just a tooth-brushing zone.

Deodorant crystal! (Read the debate on the crystal at this post, BUT! if you do, I highly recommend reading the comments and not listening to thebeautybrains). Looks good, does its job.

I store my toothbrush in an old tomato sauce jar I filled with small polished stones. They hold the toothbrush upright, I love having natural textures around, and I was able to repurpose the glass jar.


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