crystal castles & taxi 540.

March 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’d never seen Crystal Castles perform before.

I expected the show to be outlandish & sweaty, it was.
Alice Glass is fucking wild and I love her. She continued to perform despite broken ribs in 2008, and this year she’s wrapping up 6 weeks of touring with a broken ankle. I wish I could have seen her antics at 100% but I’ll be damned if she didn’t still notgivafuck and put it on. Jumping, screamsinging for an hour on one leg, climbing off and on the stage to get past the barriers (which I’ve never seen First Ave use) to immerse herself in the crowd. Slinging a bottle of whiskey(?) and killing it on a single crutch. Look closely.

I’ve seen my fair share of shows- -their stage presence is strong. Based on what I know I think it’s safe to say that she is channeling some real rockstar shit. Constantly climbing on and occasionally wrecking gear, getting shut down in Glastonbury, semi-infamously skipping out on that show in Dallas, giving fans all of her energy (sometimes aggressively, as crowds can prompt/want that), she deserves some kind of credit. People come with high expectations and the band works hard to not let down. Ethan’s set up is sick, the set list was much longer than I anticipated, and the drummer Chris killed it. Their lighting designer put on a seizuriffic show and the room sounded decent although it should have been much much louder. This kind of music requires volume.

People tend to feel strongly about CC’s music, one way or the other. However you feel about it I think it’s only fair to acknowledge that the second album is a serious step forward. It wasn’t until that second self-titled album was released that I gave in and accepted my fandom. Their renovation of ‘Not in Love’ with Robert Smith (lead of The Cure) is ear candy – I get dressed to that song frequently. They’re also with The Windish Agency which says a little something. The band was recently awarded the international John Peel award for innovation as well. To get a vibe I recommend this video, or even this one. Finally seeing the band that influenced my partner’s career so much was special for me, especially since our friendship really came about during that time. I’m also grateful to have briefly met Ethan and Chris, both of whom were very chill and generous enough to let me back for a song to take a quick snap or two. The light show made photographing difficult for an amateur (which I am) but I was there as a fan, so it didn’t matter. Even though one guy working the venue was a complete dick about it. Fuck that guy, totally unprofessional.

After the show the five in our group waited in the worst line ever to get our coats (I do not recommend First Ave’s $3 coat check, go for the $10 express). A bunch of youngins rolling their asses off while some anonymous fluid dripped from above. Oh man I feel old sometimes. Of course the perfect way to end the evening included our taxi being pushed by the freezing wind into a parked car and shortly thereafter being rear-ended by a car full of pissy underage drinkers.

Note the shattered rear window. I feel badly about it now but the first thing I said to the driver after it happened was, “So this’ll be free, right?” I didn’t realize how freaked out he was; he asked me to call the police and an entire entourage of emergency vehicles showed up. Probably a good thing considering his confusion and “heavy” chest resulted in an ambulance ride. We stayed to give our information to the officers because it really wasn’t our driver’s fault and the girl who hit us was being terrible about the whole thing.

I had a great time.


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