Bluejeans & Moonbeams.

April 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Captain Beefheart.

Upon hearing of his death I posted bits of Beefheart’s art. But I didn’t share any of his music. Fuck! Me! for that oversight, because it’s his album Bluejeans & Moonbeams that I fell for and have relied on from time to time (…to time). If you dig Tom Waits and/or The Stooges you should probably listen to some of the Captain. Now, this isn’t to say that everything the man ever created is worth listening to. Like most prolific artists he reached peaks and valleys. That being said, Beefheart played with noise music before most and should be acknowledged for creating weirdo sonic experiences. I recommend starting with Bluejeans & Moonbeams, some would advise otherwise. Doesn’t matter so long as you take one good bite.

On the album Trout Mask Replica Waits wrote:
“The roughest diamond in the mine, his musical inventions are made of bone and mud. Enter the strange matrix of his mind and lose yours. This is indispensable for the serious listener. An expedition into the centre of the earth, this is the high jump record that’ll never be beat, it’s a merlot reduction sauce. He takes da bait. Dante doing the buck and wing at a Skip James suku jump. Drink once and thirst no more.”

Download Bluejeans & Moonbeams here.
Download Trout Mask Replica here.



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