Lorna Simpson

June 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

For bits of reasons I’ve been in & out of New York a lot lately. But I make time to travel for pleasure often because pleasure animates and nurtures important parts of physical, emotional, and intellectual life. Pleasure is also closely related to that happiness thing. Anyway, when I was in Brooklyn most recently I made it a Point! to visit Brooklyn Museum upon the advice of a special friend. Maybe this is worth noting because despite spending lots and lots of weeks on those silly New York streets I hadn’t ever ventured into a museum outside of Manhattan; the advice was well-needed and well-taken. My Canon 20D is big & heavy, I only make room for it on about half of my travels because I travel lightly. So, instead, I took loads of impatient photos on my iPhone. None of this is the point. The point is, the Brooklyn Museum houses the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art! I want to post more of what I saw exhibited there, but at the very least I have to share a bit of Lorna Simpson‘s work, Gathered.

I zeroed in on the images of chess. If you’ve been around me with a card deck and some beers (and cash), you probably know I am (extra?) competitive when drunk. This is especially true in the case of chess.

About halfway through walking the gallery floors I passed through a small hallway nesting a rest stop. I enjoy opportunities to sit down. Any time, anywhere, I’ll plop ass. The bonus in this hallway is, you can actually lay down if you so choose (is it really a choice?), and when you do, you’ll be surprised by a ceiling of Kehinde Wiley’s work! Or if you were me, you would be, as I was (I’ve previously posted about his art here). Here’s an upward looking shot:

I’d never seen his work in person so I got a little glitterfied in the belly when I looked up and it was just there, staring back. I wish his artistic production process wasn’t so questionable & assemblified though.

Of course I was there too!
Both necklaces from Portland-based woman-wonder Stone & Honey.


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