August 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

I was going to amend my original post reviewing filtering water bottles, but thought this would be easier (read: I’m lazy and it’s 1AM). I’m going to stick with my original reviews, but it seems fair to let the other side speak. Especially since Elizabeth from EcoFlow took the initiative to respond to my post. I believe in informed ethical consumership and appreciate that a representative of the company is engaging its buyers. That being said, the emails read a bit like a commercial. Still, the information is worth having if you’re interested (click images to enlarge).


& before anyone freaks out about me including my last name, remember I keep a professional page at so it’s no biggie.

Lastly: the negative health implications of being exposed to small amounts of BPA regularly over time isn’t something I underestimate. However, BPA is found in a lot of mass product, namely canned food. So the massive reaction and overhauling of reusable water containers into neon signs flashing “BPA FREE!” is a narrow response to a bigger issue and all of its related parts. ANYWAY read more on BPA here if you wanna.


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