Erin Hernsberger.

September 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hernsberger is a feminist Minneapolis-based artist but ALSO she identifies as being from Austin and has survived Lubbock, as I have & do. So obviously I like her even more. Hernsberger’s work is described on her website bio as “rooted in [her] curiosity and desire to explore and understand personal experiences of disgust associated with the body,” and exploring “phenomena such as ambiguous foodstuffs, bodily organs, decay and death; and the intersection between the sublime and the abject” (

The vegetarian in me appreciates this work, as do the parts of me that are troubled by embodied guilt and shame. I like to think about food and bodies and health and society and food. I have come to understand my feelings about meat, food, fat, and my body, in freshly critical and enabling spaces. But we’re all already & always an implicated part of our overarching social frames and I am far from escaped when it comes to living in a (re-re-re-re)moralized body. Fat, as an essential part of a healthy diet, is too often relegated to the margins of a sustainable eating practice. Fat manifests fear. Fat is misunderstood. Fat is Feminized. Read more about which fats to avoid and which to EATTTTTTT here.

Pig Bladder and Lard

Sheep Heart and Butter

Fat and Roses

Pig Embryo and Cottage Cheese

Is this a good opportunity to recommend the book “Health at Every Size” by Linda Bacon? I think so. Regardless of her last name.


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