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On September 10th my dear friend Sapna got married. What’s more, she did so with a man I wholeheartedly approve of (Hey, Travis, cheers you lucky bitch). Weddings seem to be on an ever growing tour of my friends and their friends (and our friends). But this was the first time I’ve been a bridesmaid, the first (okay, second) time I cried a lot at how dumbfoundingly gorgeous and perfect my friend looked, the first time a wedding made way for a long overdue friend-seeing. The first time my shoes didn’t kill me. It was simply happy.

There was super-nervous-bridesmaid-keep-flowers-belly-button-level-walking.

There was congratulatory kissing.

There was BEAUTIFUL BRIDE & GROOM walking. Y’all fine.

There were beers in between photo takings.

There was awesome stranger dancing.

There was friend loving.
Annabanana did you know we’ve been friends for over 10 years now? TRUTH. We look the same, right? Congratulations, Sapna. I lurve you. You were the most relaxed bride I’ve ever seen and I’m never going to stop secretly smelling your hair.


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