Pakayla Biehn

April 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

About three years ago I began re-embracing my love for the ultra feminine. I started incorporating ultra feminine aesthetics into fine details of dress and space; in the process I stirred some emotional and physical feminine parts within myself that I thought I’d had… never. And I fucking love it, darling. To sit and patiently paint my nails, listening to ladies like Warpaint, and let myself venture as deeply as I’d like into my Lady-Brain and not care how tangled it may get inside. Sometimes I daydream about elective tubal ligation, other times I plan family names. Everything gets laid out on the table as an option rather than a necessity. I think about what I want, who I hope to be, and feel comfortable when I’m unsure of the answer. Liberating my Lady-Brain has enabled me to strip insecurity down to its barest forms and rebuild.

So it is in this ultra feminine spirit that I offer these pieces from Pakayla Biehn, whose work encourages autonomous feminine perspectives.
For you, my fellow fems.

Artist’s website HERE.


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