The Little People Project.

April 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Thanks to ApartmentTherapy I recently discovered Street Art Utopia, a site compiling a crapton of diverse street art works, some of which I’ve previously blogged. During the Spring of 2011 I taught a University Writing course in which we discussed street art in relation to public activism, cultural resistance and appropriation, and visual rhetoric more broadly; so happening upon this site as a catalog of resources is goooood.  And because I have a pathetic memory, I’m making this post to remind myself. 

Now, I am excited to share The Little People Project by Slinkachu (also responsible for Inner City Snail: A Slow-Moving Street Art Project). I can’t tell you much about the artist because as far as I can tell there isn’t much to be readily found online, and that’s on purpose. But I can share that this particular project is archived as far back as 2006, and most of these miniature assemblages came to exist in major cities across Europe though it would appear to be based out of London. Actually, I just found this: 

I really dig it when the artist remains anonymous. These small-scale executions are witty, fragile, and entertaining. Enjoy. 


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