Stone & Honey II

December 10, 2015 § Leave a comment

Teresa Robinson is the artistic heart & maker
of my favorite jewelry, Portland-based Stone & Honey.
Since posting about S&H not once, but twice before, I’ve acquired two new pieces and I want to share! When wearing jewelry I think it’s all too easy to end up participating in aspects of capitalism, mass-production, and in the case of diamonds – murder, exploitative labor, and corruption. With the exception of some inherited pieces I do not own diamonds or want them. A fair trade diamond is still a symbolic gesture, one that values a rock that has caused and sustained deeply violent practices, I don’t want that either. I should thank my friend Heather at this point, who lived in Africa and helped educate me about the realities surrounding both diamonds and chocolate, even today.

If not vintage, I look for pieces that are designed and made individually, reflect my commitment to the craft of metalwork, and that I admire for their production (rather than resent it). Supporting artists is important, and jewelry/metalworkers are no exception, the often remain unrecognized (much like contemporary potters). The patience involved in finding objects that don’t confuse my political and aesthetic views is always worth it. As always I am drawn to all things natural, beautiful as they are. And I think Robinson’s work represents an effort to not distort the stone/crystal, but to allow it to speak for itself as a product of time. I consider her work straightforward and still delicate. I’m a bonafide fan. If interested, other jewelry artists I dig can be found here.

Now! Here’s the original, the first dose:

From the Agate & Amethyst collection.

And the one I bought when I felt down at the end of last semester:

Titanium quartz ring.

Lastly, the one Jason gave me over the holidays:

A single point amethyst (birthstone for both of us) necklace.

I’m kicking myself for not buying one of these while still available in my size. Twice she’s sold out of the 7s in this ring and it’s a pretty new design!
Boo & yay at the same time.


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