In this blog you’ll find…
– Photos. Pictures. Snapshots. Images. Lots of them.
– The work of diverse artists, most often painters and photographers.
– Posts exploring my own feminist and free thinking.
– Food porn! Vegetarian recipes, cooking tips, restaurant reviews and the like.
– A journal. This is a place for keeping and sharing thoughts.
– On another similar note, I sometimes post nudity (others’), caution.
– Internetz candy: tumblr photos, memes, gifs, and other nerdtasticness.
– Music and tour related stories and photography. Indie jiving and thriving.
– Decor inspiration and design love. Posts about aesthetics and living spaces.
– Travel, wanderlust, and me sharing all the trips I take. I go places frequently.
– Anything that interests me and that I want to share. Really.

If you’re more into one of these things than the others, use the “categories” widget on the right-hand side of the blog to refine which posts you view.

The name?
I’m a full time PhD student studying (and falling in deeper love with) rhetoric. And my name is Jacqueline, so I just smashed the words together and bought a domain. Rhetoricqueline is pronounced rhetoric-kwa-lynn.

The camera?
A 1968 nikkormat if film.
A canon 20D if digital.
iPhone 4 if mobile.


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