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Perhaps my best friend, the lovely and talented Erica Renee, got it best when she wrote to me, “You’re probably off doing… scholarly things. Or maybe you’re just drunk at a park.”

I’ve been straight-up addicted to the internet for a while now, but I haven’t gotten much better at describing myself online. I started in February of 2010 and then left it to gather dust as I focused on school and life and relationships and food and beer and and and. I’ve reflected on what I think the blog is “about” here, and have been actively updating and developing the site since early 2011. The evolving readership has inspired me and I am IN deep with sharing ideas and art with others. Lastly, I use this site to catalog and archive my interests & thoughts as much as possible because I have the worst memory ever. Such is the product of internet addiction, curiosity, and late night thinking.

I try to live an engaged, environmental, vegetarian, anti-racist, feminist, informed, political, loving, listening, partying, well organized, happy, musical life. I am a full-time doctoral student, hoping to better understand and actively work against systemic oppression through critical writing.

I also run, a sex-positive, fat-positive, queer-friendly, feminist photography blog dedicated to diverse representations that resonate and empower. The website is not safe for viewing at work, because tits.


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